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It is expected that conference proceedings will be published in the following journals:

  •  Journal of Water and Land Development (100 pkt),
  • Special dedicated issue of Water, an MDPI journal (100 pkt.). For more information see MDPI,
  •  Journal of Ecological Engineering (70 pkt),
  •  Acta Scientiarum Polonorum seria Formatio Circumiectus, (40 pkt).

The authors themselves are requested to submit their manuscripts to the proposed publishers. The authors pay the publication fees as charged by the individual publishers.



Abstracts of presentations and posters of participants taking active part in the conference will be printed in a separate volume of abstracts. Each participant declaring active participation in the conference in the form of lecture or poster is obliged to prepare an abstract (in Word - doc or docx format) in Polish, according to the guidelines for authors attached below.