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About the conference

The aim of the Conference is to establish a platform for discussion and search for solutions to problems related to the operation, management as well as environmental and economic impact of reservoirs.

The Conference will provide links between science and practice, for this reason it is dedicated both to the academic community and practitioners - engineers, specialising in various aspects of the areas specified below.



Design, construction and maintenance of retention reservoirs

- Conditions for the construction of retention reservoirs

- Technical aspects of the construction of retention reservoirs

- Construction technology and structural materials

- Maintenance and operation of retention reservoirs



Water management and functions of retention reservoirs

- Environmental aspects of water management in retention reservoirs

- Optimisation of water management in reservoirs

- The role of reservoirs in adaptation to climate change

- Use of reservoirs in agriculture, energy generation, recreation, fisheries and angling



Environmental impact of retention reservoirs

 - Impact of retention reservoirs on the hydrological regime of rivers

 - Impact of reservoirs on adjacent areas

 - Impact of reservoirs on the ecological status of rivers

 - Impact of reservoirs on fluvial and sedimentation processes in rivers



Operation of retention reservoirs

 - Operation of tailings ponds

 - Reservoir silting and shore abrasion

 - Eutrophication and physico-chemical parameters of waters

 - Ice formation processes